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The Wish List bring together fiddlesingers Emma Nixon and Nicole Murray, who invite other musicians to collaborate with them, exploring the possibilities of strings and voices. Surprising and joyous musical moments are revealed as their wish list grows!


For Your Programme:

What more could you wish for? The Wish List is the latest musical incarnation of Scottish fiddler Emma Nixon and folk singer and multi-instrumentalist Nicole Murray. Emma, Nicole, and a revolving assortment of musical collaborators will delight you with toe-tapping tunes and beautiful harmonies



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The Wish List's stage requirements


The Wish List:

• 2 x vocal mics on boom stands, and leads; • 3 x XLR lead with phantom power;
• 1 x guitar lead with jack.
If we have cello, please add:

• 1x vocal mic on boom stand with lead; • 1x XLR lead with phantom power;
• 1x armless chair

Mixing us:

• please make the fiddles evenly balanced
• make the voices even, and audible over fiddles
• roll all mids and tops off the Wazinator stomp box

Our contact numbers are 0410 715 787 and 0419 756 792

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